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Tape Room is one of the accessible locations in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. It is where all the Tapes that the player found are kept.


The Tape Room can be unlocked by hitting the tape player placed on a shelf in Prize Counter with any item that can be thrown, like the basketball item, which can be obtained at the beginning of the game. The tape player is located on the left middle shelf, beside the Toy Chica plushie. Once unlocked, the player can access to the room by using the tape player on the smaller monitor (that shows the number of Faz-Tokens the player has collected) in the Main Hub. It can only be seen when in Hard Mode, however.

The Tape Room is mostly just darkness, with a table in the center. There is a shelf on the table in front of the player that stores the tapes collected by the player. The player can listen to the tapes by using the tape player right beside the shelf. A button to go back to the Main Hub is also available.


  • Very rarely, Glitchtrap can appear behind the player in the Tape Room, either waving or keeping his arms at his sides.
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