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Help Wanted

The Gallery is an extra-like menu that features a screen that can be interacted in order to view full body renders of the animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted.


The Gallery features two screens, one on the left and one on the right. The screen in the right features most of the animatronics that were present in the base game. In the left screen, it features the Withered Animatronics and the ones present in the Curse of Dreadbear Halloween DLC.

The Gallery also features a round stage where the selected animatronic is featured. A switch is available in front of the right screen in order to rotate the stage, helping the player to view the back and side portions of the selected animatronic. Upon selecting another animatronic, the stage is closed by a red curtain then opened again with the new selected animatronic in the stage.


The Gallery can be unlocked upon completion of the Pizza Party level from Night Terrors. A button in the main hub will appear that can transport the player to the Gallery.


These are the animatronics available in the gallery:

Right Screen
ICO Freddy.png
Freddy Fazbear
ICO Bonnie.png
ICO Chica.png
ICO Foxy.png
ICO Ennard.png
ICO Mangle.png
ICO ToyFreddy.png
Toy Freddy
ICO ToyBonnie.png
Toy Bonnie
ICO ToyChica.png
Toy Chica
ICO BalloonBoy.png
Balloon Boy
ICO Puppet.png
ICO Plushtrap.png
ICO Nightmarionne.png
ICO CircusBaby.png
Circus Baby
ICO FuntimeFoxy.png
Funtime Foxy
ICO FuntimeFreddy.png
Funtime Freddy
ICO NightmareFredbear.png
Nightmare Fredbear
ICO Plushbaby.png
ICO Lolbit.png
ICO NightmareBB.png
Nightmare Balloon Boy
ICO Springtrap.png
ICO Endo.png
ICO EndoNightmareFredbear.png
Nightmare Endo
ICO Freddles.png
ICO Plushies.png
Left Screen
ICO WitheredFreddy.png
Withered Freddy
ICO WitheredBonnie.png
Withered Bonnie
ICO WitheredChica.png
Withered Chica
ICO WitheredFoxy.png
Withered Foxy
ICO NM Freddy.png
Nightmare Freddy
ICO NM Bonnie.png
Nightmare Bonnie
ICO NM Chica.png
Nightmare Chica
ICO NM Foxy.png
Nightmare Foxy
ICO Dreadbear Gallery.png
ICO Jack-O-Bonnie Gallery.png
ICO Jack-O-Chica Gallery.png
ICO GrimmFoxy Gallery.png
Grim Foxy

Note: Credits to the Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki for the Gallery table.


  • The Gallery does not contain all of the animatronics present in Help Wanted, such as Glitchtrap and the Phantom Animatronics.
  • The gallery doesn't house any of the hardmode variants, such as Shadow Mangle, Virtualtrap, etc.
  • Originally, in the Plushies gallery, there is noticeably no Toy Bonnie plush, and instead there were two Bonnie plushies.
    • This was fixed in a later update. 
  • The Gallery icons are actually cut from their model pose.
  • The DLC characters' gallery icons lack the purple pizza background the other characters were given.
  • The only characters from the Curse of Dreadbear DLC to not gain a gallery spot were the Plushkins.
    • This may be the case due to the fact that the Plushbabies already had a spot in the gallery.


Screen 1

Screen 2

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