The Princess is the playable protagonist in the minigame Princess Quest in the mobile edition of FNaF: Help Wanted.


Being a simple sprite, the Princess does not have a very complex appearance. Her sprite is entirely made up of lighter yellow colors. She wears a dress that goes down right below her knees and a small crown atop her long hair. Finally, she carries around a small lantern that glows orange.


The Princess can be controlled by the player. When walking into unlit torches along the map, they will light up from her lantern. When interacting with a chest, she will pick up what's inside it. When interacting with the purple door at the end, she can only unlock it if she has acquired the key for said door.

The Princess can only take 5 hits of damage before dying and restarting the minigame. She can find hearts in chests to refill her health bar.

At the end of the game when encountering a large blob-like creature, she along with the environment and the creature will slowly be pixelated more and more until the screen goes black and the player is sent back to the title screen of the main game.



  • The Princess is the only new character to be introduced in this mobile port.
  • The Princess is the only human character in VR to be given an appearance.
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