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Security Breach: Ruin is Revealed

Steel Wool Reveals Security Breach DLC!

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Are you having fun yet?

Ready or not, Funtime Freddy's here & he just can't wait to surprise you!

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Evergreen Update!

Kane Carter releases a large update on the development of Popgoes: Evergreen.

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Help Wanted!

Check out the VR game made by Steel Wool!

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Fury's Rage
Here are some facts of Five Nights at Freddy's!
  • Burntrap holds a lot of scrapped content including scrapped animations, data for a chase sequence, and Matthew Curtis' lines for him that were only found in the trailer.
  • Burntrap's model was slightly made from the scrapped Spring Bonnie model, specifically his mask.
  • The only ending that requires all three glamrocks be shattered is the Afton ending. Even if Montgomery was shattered before Chica, the player would simply have to go through Fazer-Blast and go back to the lobby exit to initate the Vanny & Princess Quest endings.
  • The Daycare Attendant can actually be heard laughing during the Daycare's musical track, even if he can't be seen inside.
  • Foxy, despite having a lot of advertising & attractions themed around him, makes no physical appearance anywhere, nor is mentioned to be gone in a similar way that Glamrock Bonnie is.
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The Glamrock Endos are a large group of unused endoskeletons found in the basement of the Mega Pizzaplex. They become a reoccuring group of antagonists throughout the game.
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