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This is a list of unused and removed content related to Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. Confirmed by the Steel Wool Studios co-founder Ray McCaffery, there are content plans for the game's future updates, implying that some of the cut content may get re-implemented.

Decompiled Content

Extras Menu

An unused Extras Menu similar to that in past games can be found, containing tabs for Survival Mode, Minigames, Office Games, Character Gallery, DLC, and Credits. It would also allow you to replay certain game segments, such as Burntrap's bossfight or an unused Vanny bossfight.

Survival Mode

Survival Mode is a mode of gameplay where difficulty, hour length, and the number of lives Gregory has can be adjusted. The mode itself was a collectathon-esc mode, where the player would be given a set amount of presents to find and open while avoiding the animatronics, and Vanessa. The mode also included a somewhat edited map, with gift locations changed and some props moved around.

Character Gallery

This would allow the players to view the models of several characters and some of the arcade cabinets. This gallery is somewhat unfinished, having no real textures for the walls around it and having some character's poses be broken, such as Vanessa's second flashlight clipping through her hand, or having Shattered Chica's eyes above her head. This is also the only area where Crash Bot is seen in the game.

Time and Difficulty

Strings of code for features such as changing difficulty (Easy, Medium, and Nightmare) can be found, along side code suggesting time passed as the player played, instead of the hardcoded time progression found currently. The text mentions WARNING - Time does not stop when looking at the Faz watch.

Unused Entities

Frozen Glamrock Endo


A frozen variant of a Glamrock Endo is located in the files. Although some body parts were found in-game as minor eastereggs, the complete model goes unused. There is also an unused side quest related to this endo, as suggested by the side dialogue between Gregory and Glamrock Freddy:

  • Gregory: "That endo's frozen solid. It's holding some sort of camera." "Freddy, its cold in here." "Freddy, it's freezing in here..."
  • Glamrock Freddy: "Perhaps if you adjusted the heat in the boiler room, you could melt it. The boiler room is down in the Utildors. I will mark it on your map. However, I do not recommend you go there."
  • Gregory: "Hot! Too hot!"

Unused S.T.A.F.F. Bots

The game features many unused S.T.A.F.F. Bot variants, including the Magician Bot, Nanny Bot, Server Bot, Comedian Bot, Mime Bot, Caddy Bot, Sales Bot and Crash Bot. The Magician, Nanny and Server variants do still appear in the S.T.A.F.F. Bot silo, sitting around a table with a headless S.T.A.F.F. Bot and an Attendant Bot. As well as this, the Comedian Bot actually still exists, though his custom model is not used in-game and is instead replaced by a default S.T.A.F.F. Bot. Caddy Bot, Mime Bot and Sales Bot however do not appear at all, and only have unused models, or in Sales Bot's case, dialog. While most of the bot's original purposes are unclear, via unused dialog it's clear that Magician Bot was meant to be an alternate performer to the Comedian Bot. Finally, Crash Bot is an unused crash-test dummy variant of the S.T.A.F.F. Bot who only appears in the unused Gallery. It is likely that at some point it was possibly meant to be for Roxy Raceway's driver assists before it was replaced by an updated design.

Moon Plushie & PlushBaby

Within the files, animations for jumpscares from a Moon Plushie and Plushbaby can be found. These jumpscares were later revealed to be meant for the unused Survival Mode, where they would be inside fake presents.

Unused Locations


Several hallways can be found in the files that would allow the player to travel between areas of the Mega Pizzaplex. These Utilidors were accessible through the currently unused level 10 security doors. These doors would connect Rockstar Row to Roxy Raceway, a door between Roxy Raceway and Fazer Blast, and a door from the Superstar Daycare to Monty's Gator Golf.

Fazcade Hive Room

An unused arcade room with glowing yellow beehive decals and multiple floors. While some textures are broken and the staircase leads nowhere, the room is mostly finished.


There are several more hallways that would connect parts of the Mega Pizzaplex, presumably in the place of the current elevator system in the game.

Unused Minigames

Bonnie Bowl Minigame

A barebones bowling minigame can be found in Bonnie Bowl, with very little polished features, suggesting it was cut early in development.

Expanded Monty Golf Arcade Machine

An extended version of Monty Golf Arcade includes double the amount of holes, and improved lighting on many of the existing holes. These extra holes are in place likely because golf courses normally have 18 holes. While most of the unused holes are finished, there are a few with small errors, and one that lacks textures and lighting entirely.

Chica's Feeding Frenzy

Chica's Feeding Frenzy is an unused minigame referenced in-game via on of the messages that can be found. The arcade cabinet for the game can even be found in Monty's Gator Golf. However, it is not playable in-game. Using hacking to access it reveals a minigame where Glamrock Chica shoots projectiles at food items. The minigame appears to be very unpolished and unfinished, likely the reason for it being inaccessable.

Roxy Raceway Minigame Mission

There was a minigame mission that would trigger in Roxy Raceway after placing the head unto the Driver Assist Bot. This minigame would have been similar to the Pizzabot's pizza bake minigame, but Gregory must drive around the racetrack (with the Driver Assist Bot's assistance). In the game's initial release, the minigame was not used and instead skips to Roxy's decommission cutscene.

Multiple assets related to this mission were found. All that is left were coding scripts, some UI graphics, and the Driver Assist's dialogue that teaches the player how to drive the kart.

Unused Collectibles

A huge strings of unused inventory collectible items can be found, with the placeholder graphic for their icons.

Equipment and Possible Quest Items

  • Helpy - Possible toy based on the new Glamrock Helpy. As a quest item, its purpose was unknown.
  • Nightmare Helpy - Possible toy based on a nightmare or withered variant for Helpy. As a quest item, its purpose was unknown.
  • Wallet - A wallet that was meant to be found within the Faz-Cade to purchase a Crash Coin. This was likely replaced in favor of the Broken Driver Assist mission.
  • Crash Coin - A coin originally needed to play Roxy Raceway. This was likely replaced in favor of the Broken Driver Assist mission.
  • Baking Bag - A baking bag supposedly used as ingredients for Mega Pizzaplex meals. It also has a description: "A bag full of everything you need to make a pizza. Fazbear not responsible for injuries if not used for pizza baking"
  • Fizzy Faz Monthly Mystery Mix - A food ingredient similar to Monty Mystery Mix, and possibly an earlier version.


  • Fazer Tag Champion Badge - A reward item possibly obtained for completing the Fazer Blast tag game.
  • Strange Cube - Possible placeholder item.
  • Cube of Testing - Possible placeholder item.
  • Thingamabob - Possible placeholder item.
  • Faz Frost - The company's secret frosting formula. Due to development oversight, this item was labelled in clothes instead of food. It also has a description: "Fazbear entertainment secret frosting formula"
  • Uncommon Item 12 - "Rare" placeholder item.
  • Rare Item 5-9 - Series of "rare" placeholder items.
  • Ultra Rare Item 1-9 - Series of "ultra rare" placeholder items.

Unused Subtitles and Dialogue

Starting Intro

Alternate subtitle strings reveal that there are multiple lines of dialogue that were changed in order to remove direct mention of injury and death, and opt for implication of such.[1].

Unused Subtitle Replacement Subtitle
Gregory: "I dont know who she is, but she's gonna kill me." Gregory: "I don't know who she is, but she's trying to get me."
Glamrock Freddy: "I am detecting blood. You are injured." Glamrock Freddy: "I feel you are broken."
Glamrock Freddy: "Your arm is cut badly. I will take you to a first aid station." Glamrock Freddy: "No, I feel that something is wrong. I am taking you to the first aid station."

Daycare Attendant

The Daycare Attendant, in both Sun and Moon form, originally meant to say "I'm putting you in time out!" in an angrier tone. While Moon does say this in-game as one of his repeated lines, Sun never says his variant, and it is somewhat unclear on where he would've said it in-game.

Unused Assets

Shattered Freddy Textures

A Glamrock Endo with Shattered Freddy's textures applied.

In Security Breach's files, textures for a Shattered Glamrock Freddy endoskeleton can be found, suggesting that the shattered Freddy seen in the Vanny ending was meant to be modeled out at some point. The textures are mostly the same to that of the normal Glamrock Endos, however it is much darker in color, and lacks eye textures.

Vanny Meter

The Vanny meter was a mechanic intended to be used in the unused survival mode. It was first thought to be bugged as it was non-functional, but it was later revealed that the meter was a cut mechanic for survival mode.[2] The meter itself can be only seen via the debug menu. Ray McCaffrey confirmed that there are plans to add this feature back in one of the future update patches.[3] Some discovered that when the meter fills up during survival mode, Vanessa will turn into Vanny, most likely as a way to have both versions of the character show up as a threat.

Burntrap's Chase + Death Animation

Originally, Burntrap was likely meant to have bigger bossfight. In the files, he has an unused data chase sequence and even a death animation. It is unclear as to why these were scrapped, or at what point in the fight the chase would've been initiated.

Pre-Release Content

Trailer Voicelines

Vanny, Glamrock Freddy, Roxanne Wolf (presumably), an unknown character, and Vanessa have voicelines that were only heard in the trailers. The unknown character (suspected to be William Afton/Burntrap) was confirmed to be voiced by Matthew Curtis.[4].

First Trailer

  • Vanny: "Gregory, your friends are worried about you. They're here with me. Please come out. Gregory, I may have lost my temper earlier but it was just a glitch. It won't happen again. It's been such a difficult day for all of us. Why don't you come out and we can play a game together. It won't happen again. It was just a glitch."
  • Glamrock Freddy: "Gregory, be still... I think she's found us."

Nvidia Showcase

  • Vanny:
    • "Gregory. It's getting late. Let's get you home. And put you to bed."
    • "I see you."

Second Trailer

  • Unknown: "When I first found you, you were nothing, you were small, pathetic. But now, you are more. Are you ready?"
  • Vanessa: "Gregory, we can get you out of here. You and me together. They won't stop hunting you. None of them will stop hunting you. We have to get you out by morning."
  • Unknown: "You will do as I say. You will bring me what I want. And if you fail me, then you will, both of you burn!"


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