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Hey There!

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Hi. I exist. I also upload a lot of images that aren't already here because reasons. Apparently I'm the "Number 1 Fan". I don't question it, I just go along with it.

Also, I'm a content moderator, so expect me to edit stuff often. However, this doesn't mean I'll change things on restricted pages for you. They're usually restricted for a reason.

Pages I edit often

Just gonna put a list of pages you'll see me edit quite often;

Just a few things to note

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As mentioned above, I'm just a content moderator, but I won't edit protected pages for you unless it's something necessary (so that means don't ask me to change the gender status on the protected characters). Also, I'm very active, so you won't have to worry about me not responding to edits and such.

Finally, please note that speculation is (mostly) not allowed on the wiki, so I will remove any put onto pages. Some are marked for speculation, but that doesn't mean they're open for you to put your random fan theories.

Places you can find me

Alpine ui plushsuit bareendo flamethrower.png

Finally, I'm just gonna plug some links on where you can find me (apart from my Twitter, which is linked above);

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