Ello everyone! How's it going? Today I may talk about some parents that act like Karens

How did I found them

While I was looking on google, I saw something really interesting... A random website that is saying how good is a game... So I clicked on it and I was reading some stuff but then... Some parents REALLY said that this game is not cool it has BAD WORDS (I haven't heard a bad word in fnaf idk tell me if u found one) and that made me triggered. Then I was looking at the children which it had 380 REVIEWS- but it was better :D

let's talk :P

now that we found out how did I found it, let's say some stuff... Tbh the parents we're kinda acting like Karens cuz they said that it needs to be deleted (forgot to say it earlier, please don't get mad ;n; ) But still if u are a kiddo don't watch horror stuff, try to watch funny fnaf stuff (I am sorry, this is how I got into fnaf at 10 years old 😫) and uh... Try to avoid the bad things that the random people are saying, some games can be cool too :3

Have a nice day!🌹🍄

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