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Wet Floor Bots are mini robots that are commonly seen around the Pizzaplex in large numbers in FNaF: Security Breach.


Wet Floor Bot takes on the look of a wet floor sign, presumably moving itself to where there may be a wet floor. It holds two large glowing eyes, and the typical "CAUTION WET FLOOR" reading. It's graphic of a man slipping however was replaced with Glamrock Freddy. They're commonly seen with a S.T.A.F.F. Bot holding a mop.


The Wet Floor Bots appear in groups as background objects and do not play a major role in the game. If Gregory shoots the Wet Floor Bots, they will spin. Shooting them will actually call the Glamrocks over similarly to the S.T.A.F.F. bots alerting them. However, despite this, the Wet Floor Bots make no noise when calling the Glamrocks over.


  • The Wet Floor Bot is one of the only animatronics in the game that do not play a antagonistic role.
  • Despite not being called as such in-game, the Wet Floor Bots are referred to as "Caution Bots" in the 2022 Valentines.


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