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Wind-Up Music Man is a small animatronic toy who acts as a minor antagonist in FNaF: Security Breach.


Wind-Up Music Man is an extremely miniature version of the original Music Man that looks identical to him. The only noticable change in its design is the large amount of withering and rust, with parts of the toy's endoskeleton showing as well as one of its teeth missing. It also holds a large wind-up key on its back, hence the name.


The Wind-Up Music Man toys are minor antagonists who only appear while crawling through certain vents. They will appear and quickly chase after the player. After, they instantly turn around and run away afterwards the player exits the vent. If the player turns around after exiting however, they can catch a glimpse of the Music Man running to the end of the vent before quickly turning around again.


As described in one of the messages Gregory finds, the Wind-Up Music Man toys were stolen for unknown reasons. They were likely stolen to be turned against Gregory by Vanny, though the reason for why they're withered goes unexplained.


  • Despite only encountering one at a time, the message Gregory finds implies that there are multiple Wind-Up Music Men.
  • The Wind-Up Music Man toys are the only animatronics to be encountered while crawling in the vents.
    • They are also only encountered inside the vents.
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