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The Workshop will let you modify your new endoskeleton! How fun is that?! So fun.
HandUnit in the tutorial of the game.
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The Workshop is one of the core mechanics of Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. The Workshop is where the player can build their own animatronics and deploy them.


In the Deploy section, the player can either salvage their animatronics or send them to a friend.

When salvaging, the animatronics will walk around the map and collect some Parts. They can be sent as long as the player wants, and can be recalled to return the animatronics to the Workshop. The player can also send the animatronics to one of their friends. If the animatronic is successful attacking their friend, the player will be rewarded some parts.

However, these actions can decrease the animatronics' condition. If their condition is too low, the player must repair them with collected parts.


In the Assemble section, the player can assemble their Bare Endos with CPUs, Remnant, plush suits, and MODs.

The player can only have a certain number of Endo Slots, where the endoskeletons will be placed. The player will start with one slot (after the tutorial is completed), and can unlock more as the player achieves higher streaks.


Should a player's level far exceed the requirements for an animatronic to appear on their map (for example, Freddy Fazbear spawning at Level 3), they will enter a permanent rampaging state whenever they are found on the map naturally. They are much faster in their movements and charges, and require much faster reactions to avoid taking damage.

Animatronics sent to a player by friends or lured can never enter this state and will always behave as normal.

Plush Suits

Plush Suits or Suits are decorative items that can be added to a player's Bare Endo in order to change its appearance. Starting from version 3.0.0, the player can adds in Skins for the endoskeleton.

The player can get a Plush Suit as a rare bonus upon defeating the animatronic who it belongs to. These can also be bought in the Shop with Faz-Coins.


The player can insert different types of CPUs inside their animatronics. Depending on which type of CPU is used, the animatronics will behave differently when attacking. The CPU will also determine the audio that plays during the encounter (example; Toy Freddy with a Springtrap CPU will cause him to use Springtrap's lines).

The player can get CPUs as another rare bonus upon defeating the animatronic who it belongs to. These cannot normally be bought in the Shop, but they may show up during a special event, usually only for the animatronic(s) featured during it.


Remnant Icon.png

Remnant is an obtainable resource that can enhance the animatronics' attacking and salvaging capabilities. The more remnants are inserted, the more enhanced they are.

Remnants can be obtained when shining the flashlight to it. However, they are protected with dark remnants that if many of these are collected, it can have the capability of summoning RWQFSFASXC.



MODs are unlockable throughout the game. They are able to upgrade the animatronics by different ways, depending on which kind of MODs is used. Four MODs can be used in an animatronic. These MODs can also be sold for parts.

Icon Type Name Function
MOD-AttackPhase.png Attack Movement Servo Booster Increases animatronic speed in camera mode.
MOD-Disruption.png Visual Disruption EM Booster Increases chance of disruption.
EM Jammer Increases the amount of shake required to clear disruption.
MOD-SalvageTime.png Salvage Time Intake Booster Increases frequency of salvage checks.
MOD-Stalking.png Stalking Stalking Actuator Increases minimum and decreases maximum stalking time.
Stalking Booster Decreases stalking time.
Stalking Regulator Increases stalking time.
MOD-WearAndTear.png Wear & Tear Hydropneumatic Suspension Decreases wear and tear damage suffered.
MOD-Haywire.png Haywire Gear Booster Decreases look timer for haywire.
Gear Regulator Increase chance of haywire.
MOD-Map.png Map Movement Friction Regulator Decreases time before closes to attack player.
Hydrostatic Booster Increases time before closes to attack player.


Press [Expand] to view all the animatronics' workshop animations.
Press [Collapse] to hide.
Bare Endo Freddy Fazbear Bonnie
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
20200630 210934.gif BareEndoWorkshopAnimation-Broken.gif Freddy gif.gif Freddy Broken Animation.gif 20200616 200735.gif Bonnie broken animation.gif
Chica Foxy Balloon Boy
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
Chica-workshop..gif Broken Chica Workshop.gif Foxy Workshop.gif Broken foxy workshop.gif Ballon Boy Workshop.gif Broken Ballon Boy.gif
Circus Baby Springtrap Toy Chica
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
Baby Workshop.gif Broken Baby.gif Springtrap workshop.gif Broken Springtrap.gif Toy Chica Workshop..gif Broken Toy Chica.gif
Freddy Frostbear Toy Bonnie Toy Freddy
Normal Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
Frostbear Workshop.gif 20200621 034118.gif Broken toy bonnie.gif Toy Freddy workshop animation.gif Broken Toy Freddy.gif
Mangle Shamrock Freddy Chocolate Bonnie
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
Mangle Workshop.gif Broken Mangle.gif 20200615 141153.gif Shamrock Broken Animation.gif 20200616 203058.gif Chocolate Broken animation.gif
Easter Bonnie VR Toy Freddy Highscore Toy
System Error
Toy Bonnie
8-Bit Baby
Normal Damaged Vr toy freddy workshop animation.gif Highscore toy chica workshop.gif 20200622 020051.gif 8-Bit Baby Workshop.gif
20200616 204733.gif Easter Broken Animation.gif
Radioactive Foxy Toxic Springtrap Firework Freddy
Normal Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
Radioactive Workshop.gif Toxic Springtrap Workshop.gif Broken Toxic.gif Firefreddyworkshop.gif Firework Broken Animation.gif
Liberty Chica Flamethrower Bare Endo Broiler Baby
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
Liberty Chica Workshop.gif Broken Liberty Chica.gif Flamethrower bare endo workshop.gif Broken flamethrower.gif BroilerBabyWorkshopAnimation.gif Broken Broiler.gif
Scorching Chica Flaming Springtrap Ballora
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
Scorching Chica.gif Broken Scorching Chica.gif Flaming Workshop.gif Broken Flaming Workshop.gif BalloraAR Workshop.gif Broken Ballora.gif
Ringmaster Foxy Magician Mangle Clown Springtrap
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
Ringmaster Workshop.gif Broken Ringmaster Workshop.gif Magician Workshop.gif Broken Magician Mangle.gif Clown Springtrap Workshop.gif Broken Clown springtrap workshop.gif
Jack-O-Chica Jack-O-Bonnie Catrina Toy Chica
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
Jack-O-Chica Workshop.gif Broken Jack-o-Chica Workshop.gif Jack-O-Bonnie Workshop V2.gif Broken Jack-O-Bonnie Workshop V2.gif Catrina Workshop.gif Broken Catrina Workshop.gif
Plushtrap Woodland Toy Freddy Boulder Toy Bonnie
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
PlushtrapWorkshopAnimation.gif PlushtrapBrokenWorkshop.gif WoodLandToyFreddyWorkshop.gif BrokenWoodlandTFWorkshop.gif BoulderTBWorkshop.gif DamagedBoulderTBWorkshop.gif
Swamp Balloon Boy Black Ice Frostbear Arctic Ballora
Normal Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
SwampBBWorkshop.gif Black Ice Workshop.gif DamagedBlackIceFrostbear.gif ArcticBalloraWorkshop.gif DamagedArcticBalloraWorkshop.gif
Frostbite Balloon Boy Golden Freddy Frost Plushtrap
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
FrostbiteWorkshop.gif FrosbiteDamagedWorkshop.gif GoldenFredWorkshop.gif Broken golden workshop.gif FrostPlushWorkshop.gif DamagedFrostPlushtrap.gif
Heartsick Baby Black Heart Bonnie Serpent Mangle
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
HeartsickBabyWorkshop.gif HeartsickWorkshopDamaged.gif BlackHeartBonnieWorkshop.gif BlackHeartWorkshopDamaged.gif SerpentMangleWorkshop.gif SerpentMangleWorkshopDamaged.gif
Curse Melted Chocolate Bonnie Little Red Chica
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
CurseWorkshopAnimation.gif CurseWorkshopDamaged.gif MetledChocoBonWorkshop.gif BrokenMeltedWorkshop.gif LittleRedWorkshop.gif DamagedLittleRedWorkshop.gif
Big Bad Foxy Dark Water Bare Endo Sunken Toy Bonnie
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
BigBadWorkshop.gif DamagedBigBadWorkshop.gif DeepWaterBEWorkshop.gif DWBEBrokenWorkshop.gif SunkenWorkshop.gif SunkenTBDamagedWorkshop.gif
Piranha Plushtrap Clockwork Ballora Aeronaut Toy Freddy
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
PiranhaPlushWorkshop.gif DamagedPiranhaWorkshop.gif ClockworkBalloraWorkshop.gif ClockworkDamagedWorkshop.gif AeronautWorkshop.gif AeronautWorkshopDamaged.gif
Jetpack Balloon Boy Great Escape Golden Freddy Funtime Freddy
Normal Damaged Normal Damaged Normal Damaged
JetpackBBWorkshopNEW.gif JBBWorkshopBroken.gif TBA TBA FuntimeFreddyWorkshopAnim.gif TBA

Extra Workshop Variants

Some characters will on rare occasion change appearance when in Workshop. These include Toy Chica losing her beak (like her in-game counterpart when attacking), VR Toy Freddy and Highscore Toy Chica going into their attack modes, various characters gaining glowing eyes and more.

Press [Expand] to view some of the animatronics' alternate appearances.
Press [Collapse] to hide.
Toy Chica VR Toy Freddy Highscore Toy Chica Jack-O-Chica
Beakless Attack Mode Attack Mode Glowing Eyes
ToyChica Beakless Workshop.png 74cbxpstqky41.jpg Workshop- Attack mode TC.png Jack-O-Chica Bright Eyes.png
Jack-O-Bonnie Catrina Toy Chica
Old Animation Broken Version Glowing Eye Beakless
Jack-O-Bonnie Workshop.gif Broken Jack-O-Bonnie Workshop v1.gif Jack o bonnie bright eye.png Beakless Catrina.PNG
Boulder Toy Bonnie Swamp Balloon Boy Frostbite Balloon Boy Golden Freddy
Glowing Eyes Glowing Eyes Glowing Eyes Glowing Eyes
Boulder white eyes.png Swamp BB White Eyes.png Frostbite BB Blue Eyes.png Golden bright eyes.png
Jetpack Balloon Boy
Old Animation Broken Version
JetpackBBWorkshop.gif JBBWorkshopBroken(Old).gif


  • In the update of December 2019, a feature is added into the game so that the player can rotate the animatronic models in the workshop.
  • When in the Workshop, Toy Chica has a chance of appearing without her beak and eyes.
    • The same happens with various other animatronics, such as Arcade Mayhem entering their attack modes, or eyeless animatronics having glowing orbs in their eyesockets.
  • The animatronic skins had the same animation as their original counterparts, up until Radioactive Foxy is added. They now have unique animations.
    • There are some minor exceptions that appear in the future, such as Clown Springtrap who has the same animation minus the large mallet he's now holding.
  • When viewing certain characters, like VR Toy Freddy or Highscore Toy Chica, the background for workshop darkens.
    • When viewing certain animatronics such as System Error Toy Bonnie, this happens as well. However, It does not darken as much.
    • In addition, when viewing Freddy Frostbear he gains a snowy effect in the workshop.
  • The Arcade Animatronics (VR Toy Freddy, Highscore Toy Chica, System Error Toy Bonnie and 8-Bit Baby), Freddy Frostbear and Radioactive Foxy are the only animatronics that do not have visible damage on their suits when in low condition.
  • In a bug fix, Jack-O-Bonnie received a new workshop animation with him properly glowing.
  • Every animatronic on the CPUs seem to be drawn on, until the arrival of Ballora.
  • Despite having data, Ballora and Plushtrap do not behave differently while rampaging.
  • One of the reasons for Bare Endo to have drop rates, even tough the player gets him for free, is for things like Skins, MODs and Remnant.
    • The same applies to RWQFSFASXC, but without the Skins part.
  • Melted Chocolate Bonnie is the only skin to reuse an animation from a character they are not a skin for.
    • The workshop animation in question is reused from Jack-O-Bonnie.
    • This also makes him the first skin to reuse an animation instead of gaining a unique or edited one.
  • If equipped with any CPU besides his, Plushtrap's rates drop to 0%.
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