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XP is a reward from battle used to level up, it is the newest form of reward in FNAF AR. Battles usually provide you with 20-30 XP, leaving or losing the battle can give you 1-2 XP.

Leveling System

When the player collects XP, it adds to their level bar, which will fill up after a certain number of XP and make the player level up. Each time a player levels up, they gain a Freddy Fazbear Balloon, which will grant them unique types of buffs, and extra batteries.

The player's level will also determine the amount of damage they deal to certain animatronics during encounters. The levels that the player unlocks the animatronic are the same levels the player needs to be to easily defeat them.

These are the levels that are recommended for players to be when facing off against animatronics.
Characters Level to Beat and Unlock Them
Alpine ui avatar icon endo.png Bare Endo Any Level
Alpine ui avatar icon freddy.png Freddy Fazbear Level 3
Alpine ui avatar icon bonnie.png Bonnie Level 5
Alpine ui avatar icon balloonboy.png Balloon Boy Level 8
Alpine ui avatar icon chica.png Chica Level 12
Alpine ui avatar icon foxy.png Foxy Level 16
Alpine ui avatar icon baby.png Circus Baby Level 20
Alpine ui avatar icon springtrap.png Springtrap Level 25
Alpine ui avatar icon toy chica.png Toy Chica Level 30
Alpine ui avatar icon toy bonnie.png Toy Bonnie Level 35
Alpine ui avatar icon toy freddy.png Toy Freddy Level 40
Avatar icon mangle.png Mangle Level 45
Ballora Avatar.png Ballora Level 50
Alpine ui avatar icon plushtrap.png Plushtrap Level 55


  • When the XP system was added in the Big Gameplay Update, streaks were reworked to giving more XP to players with higher streaks.
  • When the XP system was first introduced, you could get the same amount of XP from leaving the battle as you would from winning.
  • Despite having designated levels for encounters, the Toys, Ballora and Plushtrap have yet to be affected by the new encounter style.
  • Freddy Frostbear, 8-Bit Baby, the Jack-O's and Golden Freddy all currently have extremely high unlock levels, ranging from level 250 to 1095.
    • This is most likely placeholders made to prevent players from unlocking them for now.
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